Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Good seats

Not to shabby for a $6 ticket. It helps that the Rangers are terrible this year and it's a Tuesday night. Wow exciting huh!!!!! maybe I just need a better background for my blog........ it would be way cool is you could customize the background on your blog, someone should look into it. I will even let them have credit for the idea.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Cutting Edge Product

As you know, I am always on the look out for YOU my reader. Today I have found a very unique product and knowing that my readership is avant-garde, I thought would share it with you.

I don't think I need to say any more nor share any photos, just go to the following url, and make sure you click on the interactive demo.

Now there's a gift idea for the hard to buy for person on your list.......

Thursday, August 23, 2007

My lunch

So I thought I would share my lunch with you. Can you guess where I am? The amazing part is that I have low cholesterol..... but, as you know, I am not low on FAT!!!

I am gonna have to go run like 50 miles to work this off. Oh, did I mention that this was my second In-N-Out in two days.... this is one of the few benefits of traveling so much, Yes I said FEW!

For those of you that are not "up to speed" on In-N-Out and you are wondering what the ? is that next to my burger. That is an order of fries animal style. Yes, they are fat free! kinda like me. I would like to see Chadders do that!!

Friday, August 17, 2007


Since I am battling through my bloggers block, I would like to take a moment for a little rant. indulge me here. Why is it soooo d@$# difficult to figure out how to handle a roundabout? Come on folks it's a "Yield" sign not a "Stop" sign. That's the beauty of a roundabout, if no one is coming you don't have to stop. And, Yes we are all brothers and sisters but, that doesn't mean that we can't lay on the horn when you choose to STOP at a roundabout. (see I told you it would be short)

Now, if there are any of you reading this that I have offended, well our friends in Urbandale Iowa have graciously provided you with intstructions on using a roundabout see the following url

If you find that after reading the How To guide from Urbandale, that you are still a bit confused on the proper proceedure for addressing roundabout, might I suggest you MOVE to Urbandale! They can give you some hands on training.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I know you have come to respect my sharp wit and quick(dry) sarcasm. It's with that in mind that I am a bit reluctant to share the latest......... Well, I have "writers block" at least that's what us professional bloggers call it. I think all authors and writers should start using that term, it's kinda catchy. Just remember you heard it here first!

Looking at the picture you can see that, even as a baby, I sat around a lot with my finger up my nose, it stimulates the thought process, kinda like poking a sleeping cat. alas, it's not working, still blocked up! maybe I should poke harder, but it took about 5 minutes to stop the last nose bleed.

Aren't you glad you just wasted 3 minutes reading my worthless muttering, hey, at least you saw a cute picture..... ya gotta give me that one.

If only I were a vampire! . . . . . .

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Male Waxing . . . . . . .Oh my!

Having too much body hair is akin to having too little head hair, says Stan Williams, fashion and grooming director of Maxim magazine. "A lot of guys are concerned about it, but it's not something you really talk about."

So let's talk about it.......... As you can see, I have done some investigating on the topic and oh boy, I am not sure how to proceed with this one, I mean, I try to have a family friendly blog and this one is a bit edgey, careful here, I don't want to go over that edge.

Let me start by sharing some quotes:
"Waxing makes up 35% to 40% of the business at Joq Day Spa for Men in Atlanta. "Men are just becoming a lot more conscious of what their body looks like," spa director Christopher Keever says. "They realize you don't need to go around looking like the missing link."

Missing link? get a little fur on your back and all the sudden you are the missing link?

"Even cowboys get the back-hair blues. At Napoleon's for Men, a 2-year-old hot-shave-and-haircut hangout in Boise, guys who are no strangers to reins and rifles will occasionally call and ask whether waxing hurts. "I say, 'You can handle it,' " receptionist Dayna Ross says."

Well Hello, if the cowboys are doing it, we all should. I mean, a guy that sits on a 2,000lb agitated bull holding on with one hand, has a wad of chew in his mouth, a pair of wranglers that are 2 sizes too small, and a old sweaty hat, is really someone that I am going to take personal grooming tips from.

Here's the one that sums it up:
Body hair "makes you a man. It's a maturity thing," says Bates College senior Chris Robinson, 21. "I bet it would be ridiculously painful" to take off. But he could be persuaded: "If a girl asked me, yeah, I would do it."

and that's pretty much it, if your girl asked you to do it you would!!!! So I called for my appointment and was explained my "options" like the SBC and oh man....... we're at the edge now so I will stop there.

NO, I didn't make and appointment, even though I know some of you wished I had. I find a subtle comfort in my fur.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Kung Fu in the Forest......

O.K. I thought I would share a bit of a nature experience. I was recently at a family reunion and though there were many blogging opportunities that presented themselves(readers of my blog pointed some out to me, requesting a blog entry. Thank you for that! it seems you have all realized I need all the help I can get) I have decided that the sagacious thing to do would be to preserve them in the vault. However, I had to share something from the experience, really it's just that I haven't blogged for a couple of days and wanted to give YOU, the reader something new.(see, contrary to popular belief, it's really all about YOU) so here goes.........

As we were up in the mountains and the "facilities" were a bit unsavory, I decided to sneak away for a moment to alleviate some pressure(ya, those of you that were there didn't notice huh?). Oh boy! that was a relief!! as I was struggling with a zipper, I noticed, and snapped a picture of the following scene across the clearing:

These two little guys were having it out(it so reminded me of my youth). The shocking thing is, I hadn't realized that bears have evolved to walk on their hind legs, I was impressed, until I realized it was to midgets(I mean short people) in tiny little bear suits. If you look closely, you can see the zipper on the one on the tree side. bit of a let down really.

I also learned that bears really do "crap in the woods" but that's another blog entry...........