Sunday, March 30, 2008

Blog Slacking

So, I know a few folks that have been into "blog stalking", it's exactly as it sounds, you check the blogs of your friends to see if they have blog links of people you may know on their blog. Don't worry, I don't have time to blog stalk as a matter of fact, I have been recently chastised for not reading and commenting on blogs of the people I know.

I have been "blog slacking". Yes, it's a new term I made up and I am sure it will catch on quite rapidly. (Just remember you heard it here first) Slacking because I have been on the road every week this year with the exception of one. So don't be surprised when all my posts have something to do with travel, like say, 3 weeks ago when I was in Riverside CA. I checked in to the hotel and they were so gracious to give me a room on the Concierge floor(access to food) as I put the key in and opened the door to my room, I was met by an elderly gentlemen coming out of the bathroom. No, it wasn't a Marriott employee either, this gentleman had checked in 6 hours earlier. Ya it was embarrassing.

So, I will try to stop blog slacking and share some of the uniquely worthless drivel that you have come to expect from this low quality production.

and to Jodi I would like to say: "3-6-1"